Now you can recover Facebook password and account. Also, you can change your Facebook password easily. Facebook is one of the most used social media websites in the world, and if you are using that, then you are not the only one. For accepting any account you need to have the password, and in this regard if you have the password which is not strong then, of course, you need to change that password and in this article we are going to try to tell you what type of password you should set or how you will be able to change your Facebook password if you forget.

The procedures we are going to tell you in this article would be not only for computer users but also for IOS and Android users to you need to read this article till the end and do all the procedure step by step to get the output according to your desire forgot facebook password recovery.

Recover Facebook Password and Account

For this, you will have to use Facebook Password and Account Recovery tool. You can download it also you can use it online from this page. After the user of this tool all of your data back into your hand. For this follow these steps:

How to Recover Facebook Password

  1. Open your internet browser.
  2. Search Facebook
  3. Download the HelpSlog extension
  4. ( link Below with pic )
  5. Refresh your Facebook page
  6. You can see a recovery box

Now you can easily recover facebook password and account on PC, on a laptop.

How to Change Facebook Password

To change your password on Facebook if you’re already logged in:

  1. Click in the top right corner of any Facebook password changer
  2. Download the tool
  3. ( link Below with pic )
  4. Enter Security and Login.
  5. Edit next to Change Password.
  6. Enter your current password and new password.

If you’re logged in but have forgotten your password, follow the steps under Change Your Password then click Forgot your password? and follow the steps to reset it. Keep in mind that you’ll need access to the email associated with your account. This is know as Facebook password recovery.

How to Reset Facebook Password

To reset your password if you’re not logged in to Facebook:

  1. Go to the Find Your Account Page.
  2. Type the email, mobile phone number, full name or username associated with your account, then click Search.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If you’re still having trouble, we can help you recover your facebook account.

Recovered Facebook Password and Account

I hope you have got enough information from this article and got the information that how you will be able to change your Facebook password and get recovered for not only making it strong but also for making it is secure if there is a danger that somebody has hacked your password or account. You will need to use the difficult password, which cannot be hacked, and there is no software available in the world, which will be able to hack the secure password or difficult password.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the Frequently asked questions with helpful answers on Facebook solutions.

Q1. How to recover Facebook Password without Email and Phone Number?

Yes, Really you can recover facebook password without email and phone number. Try and use the above method which is only the working now for you.

Q2. How to change your Facebook password?

Yes you can change password on facebook with the method which is already tells you above.

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